Power Rangers

Welcome to the Power Rangers Second Unit Blog!

Hello, I am Yuji, the Second Unit Director.When it comes to Power Rangers, it's all about the exciting action where the...

Ninja Verse

Z vs P production team gathered! Finally started for the main movie production A theater movie project based on the...
Action Training

Mini Trampoline|Yuji’s method

If you want to increase the mini trampoline technique, you need to take a long flight time.Repeated practice of the mini trampoline that I always did.
Power Rangers

Interview with Akihiro Yuji Noguchi by T3

Interview with Akihiro Yuji Noguchi about his decades-long career as a Power Rangers stunt performer and later stunt ch...
Power Rangers

A Power Rangers Stunt Artist Reflects on Nearly 30 Years of Mighty Morphin’ Action

Akihiro Yuji Noguchi interviewed GIZMO about Power Rangers I was interviewed about Power Rangers. This was a good ex...
Power Rangers

Power Rangers Dino Fury





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