Mini Trampoline|Yuji’s method

Action Training

Those who want to increase their skills

If you want to increase the variety of mini trampoline techniques, you need to be high enough to perform the technique. 
It is necessary to use the spring of the mini trampoline effectively.  At the same time, you have to take steps to change the inertia gained from the run-up to height.  Understanding these inertias is important.  
Also, make a rhythm of the technique.  Take the front flip as an example.  You should look at someone who is good at front flipping and say the timing when tackling in the air and when opening the body.  People who are good at front flips perform muscle tightening and loosening to adjust their body at that time.  You should practice iteratively to get closer to that rhythm. 

 Do not use muscle strength except when necessary.  

 Do not lower your eyes.  Get used to your run-up and raise your eyes before you reach the mini trampoline.  

 No hand swing is required.  If the timing of the swing of the hand is off, you cannot fly high.  Keep both hands up when stepping on.  

What I want to say is that it is important to repeatedly practice the basics of flying high on a mini trampoline before the technique.  

Practice to use the run-up effectively

Jump up straight, tackle both feet in the air

Split your legs in the air

Twist your body in the air 

High dive roll 

Tackle and open your body to land your back

These basics were always done when we practiced the mini trampoline.  By repeating this basic, you will learn how to tighten and release muscles in the air.


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