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Z vs P production team gathered! Finally started for the main movie production [Ninja Verse]

A theater movie project based on the fan movie “Zatoichi VS Predator” has started. “Zatoichi VS Predator” has been highly evaluated by many viewers with over 9.5 million YouTube views. This subject is flooded with offers to create the main story from overseas, but since the leading role is a character representing each country of Japan and the United States, it is almost impossible to make the main story due to copyright etc. is. Therefore, President Okabe of Blast planned to create a pilot film as the first step in producing the SF Ninja movie “Ninja Verse(爆裂忍法帖)”, which replaces both names with new characters and fights fiercely with the special ninja corps.

If you would like to support this project, which is a condensed version of all the thoughts of President Okabe, the people involved in this work, and the fans, please use the link below to enter the crowdfunding site. President Okabe talks about how this project was planned and the contents of this trailer. In addition, the making photos of Z VS P production and unique and impactful character designs are also posted.


Game Watch :A theater movie project based on the fan movie “Zatoichi VS Predator” has started!
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