Expressing emotion

In this page, we will consider the importance of emotional expression in action.
When you fight, there is emotion involved. Why do people hit others? We rarely hit people in our daily lives. There must be a good reason for it.

Action is not something that can be expressed only through "movement," but it can be conveyed to the audience only when it is accompanied by emotion.

When people fight, they do so with strong determination. When people fight, they do so with a strong determination to hurt or even kill their opponents.
The producers may ask you to play a role where you can easily defeat your opponent in a flash, or kill someone while laughing. The performer must be able to adapt to a variety of roles and situation settings, and must be able to play the role emotionally, but also be able to judge the situation calmly.
The actors need to be able to play emotionally and calmly.

Respond to the situation instantly and calmly

Shooting action scenes can be dangerous. It is necessary to make a hit expression so as not to hurt the other party. The larger the number of opponents, the greater the risk. You need to sharpen your senses and develop the ability to respond instantly to the attacks of enemies attacking from around you. You have to put an emotional play between the action performances.

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